Service Principal

Service principals

To understand service principals, it’s useful to first understand the words identity and principal as they are used in Identity management world.

An identity is just a thing that can be authenticated. Obviously, this includes users with username and password, but it can also include applications or other servers, which might authenticate with secret keys or certificates. As a bonus definition, an account is data associated with an identity.

principal is an identity acting with certain roles or claims. Consider the use ‘sudo’ on a bash prompt or on Windows using “run as Administrator”. In both of those cases, you are still logged in as the same identity as before, but you’ve changed the role under which you are executing.

So, a Service Principal is literally named. It is an identity that is used by a service or application. Like other identities, it can be assigned roles.

For example, Lamna Healthcare can assign its deployment scripts to run authenticated as a service principal. If that is the only identity that has permission to perform destructive actions, Lamna will have gone a long way toward making sure they don’t have a repeat of the accidental resource deletion.