My name is Roberto, I was born and raised in México City. I started this blog out of my interest and love for the thing I do every day, which is working with computers in any form or shape. It’s been this career that has given me so many amazing experiences in all sorts of forms and shapes, like traveling, meeting outstanding personalities, working in some of the most amazing places on earth, even watching the Atlantis Space Shuttle in its launch pad back in the space center one day back in 1997 and even moving to Australia. All thanks to Computing Technology – 😀

First Computer I used – Which I still have, actually it wasn’t mine originally, I just later got it

All the way to University and this is the First interface I work with

But then one day I set foot at the Super Computer Center of my University and found this:


I even became the System Admin of a Workstation like this

A quite cool and powerful Silicon Graphics workstation where I learned Unix and of which I was the sysadmin

I learned other things like shell scripting, awk, regular expressions and multiple etc.

I also had access to this:

Watching video sent as an attachment in email in 1992 was quite impressive. This machine was fantastic.

Not only that. I got to compile the first Web Browser.

A new thing called the World Wide Web was born

Even more, I also had access to this:

A Cray YMP running 4 processors, yes, 4.

One day I left that place and started to work

I was in shock when my first job was using this:

I’m sorry, where’s the web browser and the Internet?

I left as soon as I could and got to work here:

I loved this company. Largest IT Services of the World when I was hired. I spent four years there. Golden Years

Because I saw that everything changing rapidly and dramatically because of the Internet, I quit EDS and co-founded a .com ; it had a brief existence of almost 2 years. Which were great nevertheless.

Which as a consequence got me a job here

I started in 2001. 3 Days before of the Window XP Launch in New York

One of the most popular OSs in the history of Microsoft

After 8 years there, I started my own company

ZSENI means Genius in the Hungarian language. What a great logo, with a Cloud back in 2009. We knew 😎

I spent there 5 years, in the middle I moved to Australia

I live in Melbourne

Now, I work doing what I do love, Computing, Computing, Computing. Day in, day Out

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