iPad with mouse support, the Right Click?

I’ve been using the laptop form factor as my default computer/workstation at least since 1998. I use one for work and I have my own.

I carry my iPad Pro with me all the time for my projects. I also set up a Windows 10 VM in Azure to be available Monday to Friday during working hours.

One big inconvenience of the iPad when using Remote Desktop on the VM on Azure was the lack of mouse support, that was just solved with the latest iPad OS update.

The experience

One Word: Perfect

More words: It’s way more than OK and more than good enough

I could use the iPad applications (Word, Skype, Spotify, Firefox, etc) and avoid the Windows VM completely BUT sometimes I need and prefer Windows multi-tasking.

The Mouse setup

In Windows, there’s the default select click (Left) and the multi-functional (Right). At first, it wasn’t that intuitive how to perform a right-click on the iPad and without it, Windows is almost unusable.

Left-Click: self-explanatory. Just click it

Right-Click: Leave the Left button pressed and it’ll come up.

That’s it!

Remember that the mouse it’s a substitute for the finger(s) and you either use one or more at the same time, there’s no such concept in the iPad OS for such a device. If you leave your finger pressed over the surface of the Ipad additional options will come up, that’s the equivalent of a right-click.

The setup

Enable Assistive Touch and that little button will come up, colour and size can also be customized


The buttons can be customized. I set the middle one for App Switcher

Hello, Right Click!

The mouse

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse.

There are things that don’t work on the remote session:

  • The mouse-wheel for scrolling
  • The Windows mouse button


So far, I’m pretty happy with the experience

Update on January 2020

After using the mouse with the Ipad for some time and trying to actually make it work as the ‘terminal’ for a remote session, the experience hasn’t proved to be the best and here are some reasons:

  • Lots of applications exist for the Ipad that do also exist in Windows, ex: Skype
  • Some others don’t like Visio and trying to use an Ipad to create diagrams on a remote desktop, it’s challenging and can also be annoying at times. I do not recommend doing it. Not for that specific scenario
  • The finger most of the times works better than the mouse, for most things.

I completely stopped using the mouse and switched to the native Ipad Applications except for when using Windows is strictly necessary.

Advice: if you need to do RDP use a full desktop, either Windows or macOS or Linux but not and Ipad