My notes on the AZ-300 certification Exam

I passed 😀


  • First time I do a certification exam using my own computer with a remote proctor over video watching me. I didn’t mind, sometimes was a little bit too much of an extreme, ex: Not to cover my mouth, which is something I and many people do when working on a problem.
  • It was long and very detailed, I spent on it 3 1/2 hours
  • Has both multiple selection questions and interactive labs
  • Labs are outcome-based, which means you’re given a set of tasks to perform and they can be done via the GUI or CLI
  • The interfaces of the labs when I did the exam were not the best, ex: Almost every time I clicked on the buttons, it scrolled up to the beginning of the page, very annoying. Had to be very, very patient with this, in order to get it working
  • Click and scroll up was the pattern


In terms of topics:

  • Very IaaS centric, with multiple scenarios covering redundancy, data protection, traffic routing, load balancing, availability and Service Level Agreements, ex: Create an Ubuntu VM which provides 99.95% availability with the lowest possible cost.
  • I was surprised when Webjobs questions came, it’s been ages since the last time I did that back when the V1 interface was available along with Cloud Services
  • A few questions about Azure Fabric
  • Some other questions about Webapps about auto-scaling and having to choose the most efficient offering based on maximum instances and price.
  • Some questions about migrating Hyper-V and VMware VMs both Windows and Linux
  • Very few powershell questions, completing the syntax of commands
  • Heavy on networking and calculating addressing to accommodate 100+ of Linux VMs; doesn’t matter which OS they are, it’s about the network.
  • Many questions and scenarios about storage and its security, ex: Provision a storage account which can accommodate for VMs and File Sharing at the cheapest cost possible and with encryption available, which means selecting Local redundancy as the alternative.

It was a good challenge and I happily passed at my first attempt.

Following the official guide would be enough, under the assumption that the person doing the exam has practical experience. These new exams are not like the old ones with only multiple selection questions, these are way more challenging and real life-based.

The official guide: