Synchronize your Office 365 and iPhone Calendars

In Office 365 you have the usual authentication method:

  • Username:
  • Password

Once these are provided you can log-in and work with the services (mail, calendar, etc).

As we live in a very connected era where we’re surrounded by danger, it’s quite useful to consider additional protection mechanisms, in the case of Office 365 the ones supported are:

  • Multi-factor authentication via SMS, Phone call, Double factor mobile application
  • Application Password

Application Password provides authentication for applications that do not support Multi-factor authentication, iPhone Mail and Calendar clients are in that category.

Note: In the case of the iPhone mail/calendar where MFA is enabled, application password is the only way to connect to the service. Outlook for iPhone, the Microsoft application does support multi-factor.


  • Multi-factor authentication must be enabled for your account in Office 365.


On your Desktop


  • Click on Create

This will generate a password which you will only see once and CAN’T be recovered. Keep it in a safe place

Give your application password a significant name

This is the password, well, in this picture you can’t see it but it’s a long string, 16 characters. Copy it and keep it safe.

On your iPhone

Go to Settings -> Passwords and Accounts -> Add Account, you’ll be shown the following options:

Select Exchange

Configuration Details most of them self-explanatory:

Email: Your assigned address

Server: / It must be this one otherwise it won’t connect

Username: Same as email

Password: This is where the application password goes

In my test I just selected Calendar for synchronization.


As a verification, I added a simple recurrent meeting over the 365 Web interface

Hoes does it look on the iPhone: