Doing justice to Onenote

  OneNote is probably the most underrated Microsoft product there is.

5 Big reasons why:

  1. It’s FREE
  2. It’s multiplatform: Windows, MacOS, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows RT (I have one), Windows mobile (no one cares, but it’s there), Symbian (Whatever)
  3. It performs OCR. And this is perhaps it’s most undersold feature, ex: you can print to OneNote from Windows and search on what you printed. You can save an image with text on it and Search the text, in its native language.  I tested OCR on Windows and iOS. See below:
    • OCR in English

  • OCR in French:

4. Can be used as an expense tracker and, obviously search the text on the expense (multi-language). I scanned the receipt with Onenote on my Iphone:

5. Can record Voice and Video.

Seriously, do yourself a massive favor and go use Onenote. I remember watching Bill Gates at the Super Dome in New Orleans back in 2003 and being blown away by all these features.

Best of: It is FREE