Azure Traffic Manager for Multi Cloud endpoints

Some customers and organization talk about having a multi cloud environment in order to not be locked and also to provide redundancy and continuity in case of disaster with any of the service providers. In this post I’ll describe an scenario for a simple website with end points in the Google Cloud (GCP) and Azure.



Google Cloud endpoint is setup in the free-tier same for Azure. GCP endpoint is located in the us-west1 zone a region. Azure endpoint is located in the Southeast Asia Region which is located in Singapur. The configuration for the Traffic Manager is:

  • Routing Method: Weighted
  • Protocol: HTTP. We’ll do Let’s Encrypt/443 in the future
  • Port: 80
  • Path: /
  • Probing Interval:10
  • Tolerated Number of Failures: 2
  • Probe Timeout: 5

Both end-points have 1 as their weight, the TFM will chose the endpoint randomly but there could be other choices:

What about users in the USA and America in general (the continent). They could always connect to the Google endpoint using the GeoGraphic method, in this way user would always connect to the fastest responding endpoint. Another scenario would be for compliance: Connecting to a resources which is always within the legally allowed geography.

For users in Australia the end-point would be Singapur

Traffic Manager is one of those under stimated services which provides a great value on a global scale. Worth having a look.

The global address is:

and the indiviual endpoints: (USA) (Singapur)