Understanding Availability Zones

Let’s recap some of the principles of Cloud computing design:

Platforms like Azure, AWS and Google have a solid way to deal with these requirements. The were designed to be continuously available in despite of failure.

That’s were Availability Zones come into the scenario.

Let’s have a look at Australia:


What’s the best approach in the case of Azure to deliver a highly available solution? Let’s think of a Website:

  • Deploy in 2 Regions
    • Australia East
    • Australia Southeast
  • Control Traffic via a Traffic Manager and Load Balancers

As per the definition of Availability Zone in Azure:


By architecting your solutions to use replicated VMs in zones, you can protect your apps and data from the loss of a datacenter. If one zone is compromised, then replicated apps and data are instantly available in another zone.

The question here is if my principal zone goes down. Do I get my resource (VM) instanly and manually route to it? via the Traffic Manager/DNS? I’ll find out and update.