Converting an Office 365 Domain from Federated to Managed


About 3 years or so I was running  Exchange On-prem with a single instance of AD for the domain. It was mainly a lab that I used to test things before implementing them with customers.

One day I needed to implement identity synchronization and federation. So, I installed  dirsync, plus ADFS. All worked fine and as expected.

I deleted all those instances, the Domain Contoller, the Exchange Mailbox Role and the ADFS.

What I never did was convert back the domain from Federated to Managed in 365.

I thought it was going to be much more complex considering the ADFS doesn’t exist anymore, but no.

Super straightforward

  1. Install the required Modules
  2. Install the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant
  3. Install the MSonline Module
  4. Login to 365 and the following command:

You will certainly change the -DomainName to your own one.

Converted to Managed