Hosting a Static Website using an Azure Storage Account

Microsoft announced the ability to host an static website on a Storage account (BLOB), in preview as of July 2018. In a similar way it can be done in AWS’s S3. To this day, a lot of static content is still required by companies everywhere.

I decided to give a try and see how easy was to set it up, in a scale of 1-10, it’s was a 6. Kind of tricky because of the shortcoming using Microsoft’s own storage explorer to copy the content into the storage account.

The site I hosted was the DIGITAL Equipment 40 year anniversary website.  In case you wonder what Digital Equipment was. It was one of the most advanced and visionary computer companies ever existed in this industry.

I have a good memory of the company because I learned Unix on an Ultrix Server and my first ever job was as a software developer (writing C) on a VAX.

Best of is the price, a 10GB site like the one would cost around $ 1.84 AUD or $1.35 USD per month. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me,💲💵.  See image below


  1. Create an Azure account
    1. Storage type should be V2
    2. Secure Transfer required option set to Disabled
  2. Enable the Static Website Feature
  3. Copy the Website structure
  4. Map to the custom domain

How To

Creating an Azure account is quite straightforward within the corresponding Azure subscription

Enabled it to host an static website on the storage account. Storage account must be V2

Once that is done, it creates a $web folder under which the structure will be hosted

Ready to copy the website, this turned out to be a little more complicated than expected. My first choice was to use Microsoft’s Storage explorer to upload it.  It didn’t work, the $web folder was never shown and when I tried on Windows it crashed the Storage Explorer.

Always loading and the $web was never shown 🙄

What I did then was to use the free version of Cloudberry Storage Explorer to create the Structure and upload the files.

Cloudberry Storage Explorer did the job

Once that was done the last thing was to create a CNAME pointing

And ready to go. 😎

BTW, I copied this content from Gordon Bell’s public website

Side to Side

Important Note:

Make sure you do not run out of credit on the subscription or else the website won’t be visible, this just happened and the result:

Careful with credit!