Getting Started with PowerBI

As all things become Data, Data, Data. It became appealing and I wonder and think data is without question a long term investment, even more so now, because access is instant, or in real time from a mobile device. Any smart device will do the work.

Look at the following Diagram:

The original is here: . Pictured below:

It’s an HTML formatted table. I used PowerBI since it’s available in Office 365, and I’ve heard good things about it and had played a bit with it in the past.

Another diagram created with the combination of two tables in the same webpage:

I tried to put the year in each slice of the winner. Tried different way but couldn’t map it. Will aim to do it later.

I created the whole report by doing the steps below:

  1. Open PowerBI

2. Select the Source

2.1 Put the address of the content

There are multiple tables in the page, so, I selected one

I did some clean up as there were columns I didn’t use, like Runner-up or Final Score.

And just then started to play with the columns available.

It look too easy and friendly, as things get more complex it will require code. I know.