Microsoft LOVES Linux and why matters

In all my years at Microsoft, I never, ever imaged the day that I’d see something like this:

A Linux Shell running in my Portal session in Azure. W00t! 

It is now possible to run the Azure CLI inside the browser, this happens I suppose via a container built on real time that lives as long as the browser session is maintained, I can’t confirm since I haven’t read the details but would make sense.

The love for Linux is so big, that they made the Azure CLI before Powershell, I’m sort of speculating but at the same time, they do know that bringing and becoming a Linux force is indispensable to have a real fight in the Cloud world, the command line has become more important than ever. Even more so with this monster trend of automating everything.

And it’s a full session, I ran vim and some other miscellaneous commands:

Very interesting times, indeed.