Moving this Blog to Containers. Attempt #2

This time is going way smoother, because I did things differently:

The fundamentals are still the same:

It’s running on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) in Azure :

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Docker 1.13
  • 2 Containers, one with MySQL and the other with WordPress as shown in the picture below:

The Pictures

WordPress Container has ports 80 and 443 enabled

Once the container is created, next is to get the certificates, of course WordPress has to be running and configured already, that is an assumption of this post.

Inside the container

First connect to it,

Next, install wget, as the container didn’t have it

Download CertBot

Change permissions

Execute it and follow the prompts

The Certificate includes two names, and

Success! The certificate was created and installed automatically in Apache

The verification and validation of the certificate

With Safari

With Firefox

The specifics of the Certificate. Let’s Encrypt mandates a 3 month expiration for the certs

Next thing, will be to move the real version