Nokia is back, to where they were.

My second phone was Nokia, back in 2001, it was a brick phone, and boring, many times I forgot to charge it until one day I got tired and sold it. They released today the new version of my first phone. And it looks just as boring, but newer. A simple feature phone ready to “rock” the world. Good luck Nokia, honestly, I believe this will only be a fun gadget to have for some people just for the sake and because it’s cheap, but not because it really makes a difference in the world we live now.

What’s the plan behind this? Maybe to test the waters and see if they can perform better than Blackberry and/or HTC, because with a 50 something Euro, sorry 49E phone, clearly the market is not the high end, but most likely the middle low end, or niche, for example: When I travel, I may take this thing with me, because battery lasts much longer and because it can hold 2 SIM cards, that actually is a good idea.

But, I’ve traveled extensively with my Iphone in many regions and time zones, Cuba for example and have managed to get around it. So, I have very low hopes for this phone.

Looks sort of cute though.