Running Windows XP in Azure


As much as I love to work exclusively with the most shining and the latest of technologies, reality brings legacy applications and situations into the picture. And to be honest it can be exciting to see Windows XP running in the Cloud. Did I mention running Windows 2003 R2 SP2 as well?

Doggie’s name is Rover

The components

This is what I used to have XP & Window 2003 R2 SP2 running

  • My Azure Subscription
  • A Windows 2012 R2 SP2 as the base to glue all things together.
  • A Windows 2003 R2 .VHD
  • A Windows XP .VHD
  • The Virtual Box latest version

The How-To

  1. On the Windows 2012 R2 install Virtual Box Latest Version
  2. Get the .VHD Files for XP and Windows Server 2003 R2 here and here. Better to Google where to get the VHDs as these links don’t live thru time.
  3. Create each VM in Virtual Box as Usual
  4. When installing the Windows 2003 R2 image change the date as it will say the copy has expired. Put a date in 2003 and it will work.
  5. That’s it

The Pictures

The 3 Windows Brothers. 2012 R2 Base, on Virtual Box 2003 R2 & Windows XP SP3

Firefox in Windows 2003 R2

Windows XP, 32 bits. Released in October of 2001.

Setup Process for Windows 2003 R2

I tried to install 2003 R2 from scratch, never got to work. Better use the files

Firefox in 2003 R2