Windows 10 – Login Window in a Remote Desktop Session

Why is this important to begin with?

But first, the Scenario:

  • I need to do an evaluation/testing of Windows Information Protection which works only with Windows 10.
  • The Windows 10 Desktop is in Azure
  • I need to login to an Azure AD tenant using the AAD account ( to be precise.
  • Once Azure AD joined I will test and Intune Desktop Management and Security Policies.

This post deals with enabling the Desktop Logon Windows in Windows 10.

A future post will deal with Intune configuration(s)

The problem

I created  a Windows 10 VM in the Azure Tenant and joined it to the AAD I wanted to connect to. Easiest thing ever, just downloaded the .RDP file and connected to it using the couple username/password set at creation time. A local Window account to be precise, connecting was obviously possible

The How-To

And now I want to login into it using Result: NO. I was only able to login using the local administrator.

UNTIL, I reviewed the .RDP file, downloaded from Azure:

Changed that to

From 1 to 0 this meaning: Don't ask for credentials

From 1 to 0 this meaning: Don’t ask for credentials







Note this works on the desktop, I tried to connect from my Iphone using the Microsoft RDP client and it kept asking for credentials