Publish Remote Desktop Applications on Azure

Note: Microsoft discontinued this offering, the functionality and features pictured in this post are no longer available.

You have your users on premise and you want them to use an application without the hassle of installing it, updating it, configuring it, etc,etc. You simply want your users to access and applications, well, I had the same request this week, and it was related to the Power BI, the issue being, the time it took to download the tables from the SQL Database hosted in a 3rd party hosting provider.

What to do then?

1. Configure the Remote Desktop Application on Azure, here’s the how to:Create a new VM by selecting the Windows Remote Desktop Session Host, follow the usual process of naming, size,etc.

Once the VM is created, install your applications, in this scenario, I installed Power BI, that’s what I needed the users to have access to.

2. Once done with your installation of all your applications, from the session desktop, click and run as and Administrator the following command:

It will look like this when run:

3. Type Y with your keyboard

This will run the Sysprep command, for more information about what this command does have a look here.

It will look like this:

4. Once this is done, the VM will shutdown automatically, verify from the VM console it’s off. Click on the Capture Icon as shown below:



5. Once the image is captured, it will be deleted from the console, you will not be able to connect to it anymore, make sure you install whatever application you want to otherwise will become unusable. Click on the Sysprep checkbox.


6. Next, go to the Remote app in the Azure portal

Click on Import or Upload:

The image that you just syspreped, will appear there:

Next, you’ll give it a name and select in what region that image will run, in my case I chose Australia Southeast (Melbourne), where I live 😀


Once this is done, the image will be created, this will take about 30 minutes to provision:

Once this it is provisioned you’ll be able to assign users to the applications and Select the application to be run remotely


The image is ready and the application can now be accessed remotely, in order to do this, and depending on where you do it from, it will look like the following:

The following is the look from a Mac, using the Microsoft Remote Desktop application

You click on the Azure RemoteApp icon and you’ll be requested to authenticate:

Once authenticated you’ll have the list of assigned applications:

I’ll click on PowerBI and it will look just like the application in Windows, which is amazing! This is running on a Mac

Amazing, great app, no installation needed and run from anywhere

See you next time